You guys want an algorithm for the timeline. I don’t want a timeline at all. We are not the same

🎡 This week’s #NewMusicFriday starter pack

Currently reading: THE GOOD ASIAN DELUXE EDITION VOL. 1: 1936 by Pornsak Pichetshote πŸ“š

I’m at Ballmer Peak right now but it’s way too hot to make anything with it. Let’s just embrace the Saturday

Current status: Face crinkling at the sound of the words “potential of growth”

🎡 Summer vacation is over and overloaded #NewMusicFridays are back in town. I bet there’s more, but it’s an honest start πŸ˜…

Pure gold

A yoga class was mistaken for a “ritual mass murder” scene after members of the public saw several people lying on the floor and reported it to police -

Yay! New keyboard AND new keycaps

Matcha morning

On the first plan: Little black bowl with chasen - bamboo whisk for matcha - in it&10;On the second plan: little white ceramic mug with blue ornamentsView from the perspective of a person sitting on a balcony chair: slightly dark foreground with focus on the mug of matcha in the right hand. Slightly blurred background with orange sky indicates sunrise

I hate websites that won’t let me open a link in a background tab using a standard keyboard shortcut. It triggers me every time. Don’t break the web.

Techno baroque folklore sci-fi horror fairytale. Dope.

Hotel ​​​​* by julek ploski

Good morning, good man

AR photo from PokΓ©mon Go game with huge Snorlax standing in the kitchen and Pikachu looking out from the corner


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πŸ“° Engineers Use Coffee to Make Concrete 30% Stronger

It makes me stronger too.


Dense and dance

🎢 Ryan Gosling - I’m Just Ken

This is such a massive mood booster! Especially with this video. Definitely the song of the year contender. I feel like I need to make my nails pink again.

β˜•οΈ V60 on ice β˜€οΈ

Coffee on ice in a clear glass