Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme, 2000

    Watched on Tuesday September 26, 2023.

    First Call, 2000

    Watched on Wednesday September 27, 2023.

    You People, 2023

    Watched on Tuesday August 15, 2023.

    First world problem

    🖊️ Here’s me over the past few weeks in my current hyperfocus on the ideas of fighting smartphone addiction and spending more quality time without it. I’ve gone from “staying strong”, to deleting apps, to radically switching to dumbphone and back again. I’ve been thinking about how to stay in the online/social game, but also drastically reduce (unnecessary?) smartphone use; sharing thoughts and discoveries, meeting awesome new people online, but not scrolling through 100 timelines several times a day; staying connected, but offline as much as possible. So I’m currently dipping my toes into One account to rule them all? I hope so. The struggle is real.